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What we are doing for the environment

At Realcarta we are fully aware of how important it is to protect the environment and implement concrete, virtuous practices and procedures.

For this reason we have adopted a series of technologies and operations aiming to reduce wasteful energy consumption throughout our production cycle.

We are proud to be using 100% clean energy. By doing so we can contribute to lower the environmental footprint of our industrial activity.

Together with our management and environmental engineers, we have undertaken a reassessment of all the operational stages in our production process. We are also one of the first companies to make use of innovative materials, such as poliolefina.
Production does not involve toxic fumes during welding. The process is environmentally friendly, technologically advanced and perfectly consistent with current market trends, as well as certified for food use.

Working to provide certified quality

At Realcarta we have always been extremely conscious of quality assurance which we consider to be a fundamental part of our corporate culture.
In particular, we select our raw products with extreme care. Our suppliers have always supported us in our search to provide excellent service and products which perfectly fulfil the needs expressed by our clients, whether they are B2B or Consumers.
In order to safeguard our clients and provide a high profile service, for both quality and quantity, Realcarta has achieved, accreditation from the major certification marks and quality assurance standards, not only for its products, but also for its manufacturing processes. By doing so, we can guarantee adequate control of both production and the health and safety of our operators.

The brand that guarantees the efficiency and reliability of Realcarta.

The brands that promote the responsible and sustainable management of forests. FSC is a forest certification system recognized internationally and PEFC offers the widest availability of certified wood in the world.