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Paper at your service

Realcarta specialises in the manufacture of articles made of paper for foodstuffs, health and hygiene and industrial purposes.

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We offer our clients operating in various professional, industrial and health sectors our qualified support and prompt service to fulfil their requirements.
Since we began in 1991, we have aimed to be a reliable, active, B2B partner for companies choosing Realcarta products and services.

Thanks to the skills we have acquired in over 20 years’ work in highly competitive markets, Realcarta operates throughout Italy and overseas via its commercial network.
Today numerous clients are happily using Realcarta products directly from the Paper Wall and Suffy lines.

Our company stretches over a 4,000 sq.m covered surface, which is divided into four units, split between the warehouse, our production area, logistics and offices, to enable us to guarantee top quality and meticulous services every day.