Paper at your service

Realcarta specialises in the production of paper articles for food grade, health and medical and industrial use.

Industry 4.0

Our new plant in Corciano (PG) uses completely automated, remote-controlled, Hi-Tech systems for each phase in the production chain. These, together with many other devices to modernise our production processes and make them more efficient and our use of completely environmentally sustainable raw materials and 100% clean energy, have all enabled Realcarta to fully comply with Industry 4.0.

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Qualified assistance and professional service.

We can offer all our customers operating in various professional, industrial and medical sectors qualified assistance and prompt service in response to their requirements.
Since we began in 1991, our objective has always been to be a reliable B2B partner, ready to assist companies that choose Realcarta products and services.

Thanks to the skills and knowledge acquired in over 30 years of business on highly competitive markets, Realcarta now works throughout Italy and abroad via our commercial network.
Today, numerous customers are extremely satisfied to use Realcarta products directly.

Our company extends over a covered area of 7,000 m2, divided into our warehouse, production lines, logistics and offices, to guarantee quality and precision every day.
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L'Azienda si sviluppa in una superficie coperta di oltre 7.000 mq tra magazzino, produzione, logistica e uffici, garantendo quotidianamente qualità e precisione.

Internationalization project

Realcarta srl has obtained funding from the Regional Government of Umbria under the tender POR FESR Umbria 2014-2020 - Az. 3.3.1 - PUBLIC NOTICE FOR VOUCHERS FOR CONSULTANCY SERVICES-2020: the funded project aims to consolidate current foreign clientele and seek new potential purchasers, especially in the EU, via a specialised shadowing of the internationalisation of a TEM. The latter will provide the company with global consultancy throughout all the phases of the internationalisation process, especially regarding the management of a commercial network to export Realcarta's flagship products.

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