We only use energy produced from renewable sources, produced by Italian hydroelectric power stations.

This is why the series of technologies we have used and actions we have put in place all aim to reduce energy consumption waste throughout our production cycle.
We are proud to use 100% clean energy to help decrease the environmental footprint of our industrial activities.

We are committed to involving management and environmental engineers to reassess all the operational phases in our production process and to implement the use of innovative materials. In fact, we are one of the first companies in the sector to use polyolefin.
Its manufacture does not produce toxic fumes when welded and this makes it eco-friendly, avant-garde and perfectly in line with the current market trends and it is also food grade certified.

We pay very close attention to quality control, which we believe to be fundamental in our company culture.

More specifically, we are extremely selective in our choice of raw materials and our suppliers, with whom we have always shared a strategy that will provide the perfect, superior products to match our customers' requirements, whether they are B2B or Consumers.

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