Our Strong product line is intended for all those professional and non-professional activities requiring maximum performance and reliability.

The individual specifications for each item enable us to always find the perfect answer for our clientele's requests. Our "Strong" production consists of food grade products for the food sector and extra tough products for industrial use, for workshops, laboratories or DIY.
Realcarta's professional use products are made of pure, 100% cellulose, long fibre, cellulose cotton wool and eco-friendly paper and are available in numerous sizes and types: rolls and maxi-rolls, toilet paper, napkins, folded hand towels, medical couch sheets...

The Realcarta line is completed by dedicated accessories, distributors and roll holders to provide a complete offer to the customer.

We offer the food and catering industry, restaurants and hotels a wide range of specifically designed products.

Available in 100% pure cellulose, cellulose cotton wool and eco-paper, we can provide the most popular sizes, in practical, easy-to-handle packaging.

Realcarta is responding to the increasing demand by the "tissue" sector with a range of specific solutions: from 2 or 3 ply toilet paper with various finishes, to towel rolls and various combinations of folded towels. Our offer also includes practical, boxed paper tissues and "individually wrapped" toilet paper for the hospitality sector. All our products are made of 100% pure cellulose, cellulose cotton wool or eco-paper.

A complete line of single rolls in 100% pure cellulose, available in various widths and lengths, all with forestry certifications.

Ideal for home and multi-purpose use, with an easy-to-carry handle. They are extremely practical and exceptionally adaptable for even the most problematic, professional use.

Realcarta domestic products are also available with the exclusive, embossed, Paper Wall finish to ensure they are soft, strong and practical.

Realcarta has also developed a line of medical products to meet the main needs of GP surgeries, physiotherapists, beauty centres and all those businesses requiring rolls of disposable, medical couch sheets and rolls for everyday medical and paramedical use.

Realcarta products are available in various lengths to better adapt to the customer's specific needs. Couch sheets are packaged individually to guarantee after-purchase hygiene. The line is available with two ply embossed glued and one ply micro-embossed.

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